Cognitive Training Comes First!


Cognitive Skills are Brain Skills

Cognitive skills training targets the brain skills involved in doing academic tasks. For kids, we use two main cognitive skills programs: Fast ForWord and Brainware Safari. These two programs target auditory processing skills and visual processing skills, as well as attention, executive functions, memory, and the foundational skills needed for reading and math. When selecting the appropriate programs for kids, we require a recent diagnostic assessment to establish a baseline. AND our membership program makes Fast ForWord and other cognitive training programs affordable for families on a budget!

Seven (7) Major Cognitive Skills

At Brighter Path, we target technology-based cognitive skills training for 7 major brain skills. We select the programs for our clients based on the main target skill and the integration with the other 6 areas. The 7 major cognitive skills help kids to be better learners. Better learning skills translate into better grades at school!

  • Auditory Processing
  • Visual Processing
  • Attention
  • Working Memory
  • Executive Functions
  • Memory
  • Sensory Processing

overcome learning disabilities



Reading is an essential skill for academic success. Creating a bridge from visual, auditory, and memory cognitive skills, we use a combination of 1:1 skills and technology from Orton-Gillingham phonics to speed reading strategies. Issues with decoding, fluency, or comprehension are typical with dyslexia and nonverbal learning disabilities. Brighter Path can help!



Communication involves oral language, writing, and using technology to transmit messages. Vocabulary, writing paragraphs and essays, giving and following directions,and giving presentations are skills needed for 21st Century Learning. We use 1:1 tutoring, technology, and group classes to train various communication for students to be more successful at school. Brighter Path can make the hardest skills fun, especially for people with dyslexia!



Math can make many people -- kids and adults alike -- freak out. Parents get frustrated helping kids with homework because math involves a unique language, concepts, processes, and memory. Brighter Path uses a math skills checklist to track mastery of essential skills like numeration, place value, multiplication, fractions, integers, and problem solving. Confidence with algebra, geometry, and trigonometry topics can make college entrance exams and advanced courses easier to face. We can help you create those bridges for a Brighter Path to success!

Your Own Goals?


Some learners are emotionally fragile or highly anxious about academics. Some clients have dyslexia or other learning disabilities that require specialized materials and instruction. Some clients want to know how to study more efficiently and effectively. Some clients want test-taking strategies to reduce testing anxiety.

You may have different goals you want to accomplish. Let us know! Together we can design a plan to help your child reach specific goals for cognitive or academic skills!

What We Do

Welcome to the Client Area

Here's what to expect when you come to Brighter Path. 

When you walk in, you will be greeted with a friendly smile and checked in. Your first appointment will be with the program director, Sue, who will find out more about you and your goals. Please bring or send ahead: the New Client Form, any previous diagnostic evaluations, any school documentation that you want to share, and any work evaluations that you want to share. All of these documents are kept confidential. Parents, if your child will be training with us, you may decide if you want to bring your child or not to this first appointment.

Contact us to Schedule a New Client Appointment

Client Downloads

In this section, please download and print the correct New Client Information Form. For teens, please use the Child form.

Please bring this form with you to the New Client Appointment or send it to us ahead of time. Our email is:

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