Online membership fees are now only $95/month


Pathfinder Fee - $195

The Pathfinder Fee is the initial fee to kick-start your online membership. The Pathfinder Fee includes:

  • An Assessment - A Cognitive or Academic Assessment helps us determine your strengths and weaknesses, so we can build your personalized plan.
  • A Personalized Plan is created just for you.
  • The first month’s training. This the start to your brighter path!
  • All Program License Fees
  • An Orientation Session helps us make sure you know what to do.
  • Discounts on our other services.

Technology-based Training - $95 per month.

Your membership includes:

  • Daily Technology-based Training  - 3 to 5 days/week, for 30 - 50 min. each. NOTE: Clients may cancel at any time, but we encourage a commitment of 50 training days as indicated by research.
  • Daily Data Review - by our Program Director
  • Results Emailed - once a week
  • Direct Communication - Email, Phone, or Video Conference -  at least once a week
  • Brighter Path Benchmark Incentives
  • Consultation - Video Conference or Local in-person, 3 Sessions Free - Up to 1 hr. each.

Brighter Path matches each of our clients with the best cognitive or academic training program for the most personalized and effective results!


In addition to our Brighter Path Membership Program, we provide the following additional services:

  • Academic Therapy - 1 hour individual sessions by  video conference or local face-to-face at an arranged location. $50/hour - nonmembers, $30/hour - members
  • Consultation - 1 hour sessions by video conference or local face-to-face at an arranged location. $50/hour - nonmembers, $30/hour - members
  • Full Diagnostic Assessment - Cognitive AND Academic - $500 
  • Single Assessment - Cognitive OR Academic - $250 - nonmembers, $200 - members
  • Career Weminars - 1 hour group interactive sessions - $25 - nonmembers, FREE - members
  • Professional Development - For Schools and Businesses - $250/hour + travel and expenses
  • Informational Workshops - Community-based - FREE


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Assessments - Cognitive Training - Academic Therapy

Brighter Path provides cognitive and academic assessments. For cognitive skills training, a baseline assessment is important to know where a client starts and to track improvement. Sometimes our clients are working on academic skills, so assessments can tell us their learning profile of strengths and weaknesses.  From the assessment, we can create an individualized program for each one of our clients.

Cognitive skills are the brain skills that control everything we do. Our cognitive skills training programs target the areas most needed for the 7 major cognitive skills areas that impact academics, work skills, as well as the cognitive skills most involved in dementia. Cognitive skills are like the operating system and processors in a computer that allow us to access apps and programs.

Academic Therapy primarily targets Reading, Writing, and Math Skills. However, soft skills involved in the 21st Century Learning Framework make a difference in taking college courses or functioning in the work place. We offer 1:1 individually programmed academic therapy, as well as small group workshops and karaoke therapy. Academic Therapy creates a bridge that allows each of us to use our cognitive skills more effectively in academic and professional settings.

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Who We Serve



Kids and teens in grades K-12 can strengthen cognitive skills, such as visual processing, auditory processing, attention, and memory.  These are the skills underlying learning disabilities including dyslexia and ADHD.


Professional Adults

Professional adults can strengthen the soft skills needed to improve job performance or prepare to take college courses successfully. We offer technology-based solutions, fun group classes, and 1:1 sessions to help you meet your goals!


Active Senior Adults

Active senior adults can stay mentally fit, delaying the on-set of cognitive decline associated with various types of dementia, including Alzheimers. We are especially patient with clients who are unfamiliar with today's technology!